What makes a Good Casino Game?

Let’s take a look at what online game designers go through in order to devise a new game.



Game designers are usually meticulous planners who take a great deal of time and effort to document all aspects of a new game in order to avoid mistakes that will waste time in the future. While it does sound like an obvious point, it can’t be over-stressed.


Understand your player

Similar to KYC (however KYC is usually used for anti-fraudulent purposes), it is imperative to really understand your player database so you can then design the perfect game for them. Some considerations might be: the technological device that the player uses, the RTP, the Volatility, how much players spend (time and money) in an average game session and the amount of lines/reel/paylines that the game should have. More minor details would be looking at colour schemes and the user experience of the game.


Create meaningful experience

Another major part of the planning process after you have understood what your players would want from a new game is to ‘create a meaningful experience’ when designing a new game. Designers are extremely creative individuals and need to be challenged for their own self-fulfillment purposes – telling a designer that a brief for a new casino game is to reuse old technology and to ‘spit out’ a game is like telling Ronnie O Sullivan that a 147 break is worth £1,000 in a major tournament. Melacasino, would happily take the £1,000 for what it’s worth!

Another way to create a meaningful experience is when designing a game to make sure that the player has a sense of control over the outcome of the game – making the player think that it is their skill that is influencing the outcome of the game.


Every effect should have a clear cause.

On top of the previous point, when a game ends, it must be clear as to why a player won or lost in order to feel they’re in control of the game and be able to improve their ‘skills’. This point is about the intuitiveness of the gameplay and building a sensible and trustworthy experience.


Keep it fair!

Game designers can be tempted to take shortcuts by letting the game cheat, for instance by giving the system more information or control than the player has. Generally, players are quick to realise when they don’t have much chance to ‘beat’ a game – and once a player is lost, they ARE lost.


Playing & Testing

Games need to be tested and tested and tested by multiple people and then have the Random number generators licensed and audited. We would always recommend using a third-party for QA testing – generally game designers spend so much time looking at and building games that it is better to get a fresh set of eyes to verify that game play works well and there are no bugs.