Slot Strategy Guide

  1. Join in the Casino loyalty club

Casinos will do practically anything to have a loyal and recreational database and most online casinos will have loyalty clubs. They are definitely worth joining as you’ll be making yourself eligible for Free Spins, extra bonus money and gifts that are worth entering for.

On average this will boost your returns by 0.1 to 0.2% but it really does make a difference over time.

      2. Try video poker

Video poker payouts are generally higher than online slots and you’ll be getting more value for your money playing them. Understandably these games are not for everyone but value is value!

On average payout percentages on video poker games are about 1% higher than slots. We’ll let you do the maths from there.

3. Limit your play time

The longer you play online, the more chance the slot has of making the payout percentage work in the casino’s favour. While we are not keen on a ‘hit-and-run’ approach, do limit your time playing to relatively short time frames.

Always play with the assumption that you will lose and anything you do win is a bonus. Trust us, it helps when it comes to slot strategy.

4. Don’t use land-based machines!

Land based environments will obviously hate us for saying this but we strongly believe that you get much better value for money playing online.

Not much more to add here as we don’t fancy lawsuits.


Slot Strategy to avoid


  1. Avoid Progressive Jackpots unless you want to try and win a jackpot.

By the law of averages, by playing a progressive jackpot game, payouts will be lower – however you are compensated by the chance (and a very very remote chance) that should you win big you’ll be winning VERY big.

If you’re playing an online slot to pass time and trying to win a little extra money, then this is advice worth following.

2. Following patterns

This idea suggest that if you see a particular pattern in the reels (such as an ‘X’ shape or a ‘W’ or ‘V’) then the slot is nearing a big payout.

10/10 for creativity in this strategy but it is definitely not worth following. Each spin is a completely independent event with no bearing on past or future spins. This can only be described as a superstitious strategy.

3. Money Management Systems

Money management systems are methods to try and predict when a slot game is ‘hot’ (ready to pay out) or ‘cold’. The general idea is to set a win or loss threshold so that you either quit while you are ahead or stop when you are losing a certain amount. For example if you were to set your percentage to 60% and you have a €100 bankrole then you would stop if you increase your balance to €160 or if it goes down to €40.

Again, we would definitely not recommend this strategy for slots as when playing slots online there is no such thing as slot games being ‘hot’ or ‘cold’.


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