Roulette Systems and Strategy

While roulette is technically a super simple game to play, there are many strategies that you can use to get the most of of your gameplay. It’s extremely important to remember that there is no guaranteed strategy to use that can ensure winnings and we advise to treat strategy use with caution. It’s also wroth remembering that you can always play on outside bets (seen as safer bets such as red/black) or inside bets (riskier bets with higher payouts such as betting on single numbers). Some roulette systems and roulette strategies worth experimenting with are as follows:


Roulette Systems


  1. The Martingayle System

This is the most classic and used system in online roulette play. It uses doubling techniques on ‘even money’ chance bets such as red or black and you return to the minimum bet once you hit a winner.

For example, you bet £/€1 on red.

If your bet wins, you win back £/€2 and you place the same £/€1 bet again.

If your bet loses, you double up and bet £/€2 on the same outcome and keep doubling until you win.

The downside here is that if you lose 7 bets in a row and you go for your 8th bet, you will be spinning for £/€128 so you could for example limit yourself to a loss of 5 consecutive bets.


2. Columns and Dozens System

This is perhaps our favourite strategy but there is an extremely steep progression to betting if you go on a roll of losses.

The table can be split into 3 Dozens, with 12 numbers in each. 1-12, 13-24, 25-36

The table can also be split into 3 Columns with 12 numbers in each.

The traditional system here would be to cover 2 of the columns or dozens on the board meaning that 24 of the 37 (including 0) numbers are covered.

The following betting pattern would then apply:

1, 3, 9, 27, 81, 243

First bet 1 unit on each, if this bet wins, continue with another bet of 1 unit. When a bet loses, then bet 3 units on each and move up the scale until you win a bet.


3. The Paroli System

This roulette system works on the theory of doubling up and trying to win 3 consecutive bets. It’s based on the idea that when streaks happen you should profit from them.

For example, you bet £/€1 on red.

If your bet wins, you win back £/€2 and you place £/€2 on red now.

If your bet loses, you go back to betting £/€1 on red.

If you win 3 bets in a row, you go back to the start and minimum bet again.

What we like about this system is that it doesn’t require a large bankrole to do and table limits do not need to be high to place bets.


4. The Labouchere System

This system was invented by Henry Du Pré Labouchère who was a British aristocrat born in the 19th Century. The system works by following a formula based on how much you want to win in a gambling session. It is to be used on the ‘outside’ of the table on even money chance bets such as red/black.

For example, if you want to win £/€20 in a gambling session you would divide bets into the following list of 6

£/€5   £/€4   £/€1   £/€2   £/€4   £/€4

The first bet you would place using the system is the first number added to the second number. So in this case you would bet £/€9. You would then cross off both numbers off the list.

If your bet wins, you would then take the new ‘first’ and ‘last’ numbers on the list and so on. If you lose a bet, you would add the number that you to the end of the list.

Technically by using this system, you can lose more bets than you win yet show a profit.

roulette strategy can be tested on the immersive tables
Immersive roulette online – you almost feel as if you can touch the table!


Roulette Strategy 

1) Always play on European tables (and not American tables). European tables have 37 numbers on the table while American tables have 38 numbers. You are statistically 3% better off playing on European tables.

2) Take and use online Casino bonuses – not all can be used on roulette but if the casino allows it then it’s worth doing.

3) Only take money you can afford to lose into an online casino. Set your limits in the website.

4) Start by playing outside bets while you get used to the game and then look to try out different bet types too.


That’s the roulette strategy ready, want to try it out? Go and get yourself a bonus on the get a bonus page and good luck at the tables!