Live Dream Catcher

Live Dream Catcher is a Casino game that is offered by Evolution Gaming. It’s an extremely fun and interactive game with spins happening approximately every 30 seconds. It’s also the only Live Casino game that isn’t a table game and the RTP (Return to Player) is an excellent 96.58%.

dream catcher is a fun and easy to play live casino game
With 54 segments, it’s like a giant roulette wheel!

How does it work?

The basis of the game revolves around a giant wheel with 54 segments which gets spinned and players choose which segment they think the wheel will come to stop in. During the spin, a live presenter from Evolution’s studio in Talinn keeps players engaged with high-tempo chit chat which can be quite entertaining. There is also a live chat tab which can get extremely entertaining too – occasionally verging on the absurd – but still entertaining!

Before the spin starts you can choose how much you wish to bet (min bet is usually £/€0.10 up to a max £/€1,000) and there are 6 betting options:

Yellow 1 – there are 23 segments and pay 1 times your bet

Blue 2 – there are 15 segments and pay 2 times your bet

Purple 5 – there are 7 segments and pay 5 times your bet

Green 10 – there are 4 segments and pay 10 times your bet

Orange 20 – there are 2 segments and pay 20 times your bet

Red 40 – there is 1 segment which pays 40 times your bet

There are 2 more segments on the board which are multipliers – a 7 x Multiplier and a 2 x Multiplier.

If one of these are hit then then next spin will be worth more. So if a 7 x Multiplier is hit and then the following spin is a 2, then the 2 is now worth 14 times the bet.

Apparently three consecutive 7 x were spun once in the last year meaning there was a 343 multiplier going onto the next number which was a 1.


dream catcher is a fun and easy to play live casino game
One of the most fun games you’ll find in the Live Casino



Game Play Strategy

As with all Casino based games, there isn’t a guaranteed winning formula but our advice would be if you want to go for a big win, go hard and bet on the higher numbers or if you want to grind it out and play for a longer time, focus more on 1’s, 2’s and 5’s.

What we can say though however is that Evolution Gaming have created a masterpiece and this is definitely a game worth trying.

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