How to fund your Casino account?

Let’s take a closer look at the question: How to fund your casino account? Unfortunately you can’t just rock up to an online casino with a wheelbarrow full of cash and expect them to fund your account. With everything done over the internet in an online casino you would need either a bank or an e-wallet to use as a payment service provider to fund your online casino account.


Melacasino tips on how to fund your casino account

Here are a few useful tips that you should try to remember when deciding which payment method to use to get your money in and out of your casino account. Some might be obvious, some less so but definitely worth a good read.

Banks Cards are one way of how to fund your casino account

1. Only Use one Payment Method per Casino account

Most casinos have a rule that whatever payment method you use to deposit into your account must be the same payment method that you use if you want to make a withdrawal. This rule is mainly for security reasons and also most people usually have one payment method that they would use for online transactions.


2. Check the deposit and withdrawal fees

Every payment method will have a charge attached whenever there is a transaction using that method. Some online casinos absorb the costs and some pass on the cost to the customer. If you do use a casino that charge you a fee for every transaction, make sure you are fully aware of that fee and contact customer support to see if you can get that fee removed. Typically VIP customers will have transaction fees removed and there is no harm in asking if you can have some VIP treatment in your account. If you do have to pay the fee then we would recommend doing less frequent transactions.


3. Try to use e-wallets

Many traditional banks don’t take too kindly if they see significant gambling from a bank account and we at melacasino find that by using an e-wallet, the bank will not know what you are doing with your money. It’s also great for privacy reasons if you did share a bank account with a partner or family member you might not want them knowing that you are using an online casino.


4. Use debit rather than credit cards

Quite obviously, credit cards incur more fees for customers until the ‘credit’ is covered or paid back. Also, we strongly recommend only every gambling with money that you have and can comfortably afford. Using a credit card may signify that you are using money that you don’t have and we would never advise doing so.

if you use a bank card, try to use a debit card rather than credit card


5. Consider Bitcoin

More and more online casinos accept Bitcoin to fund an account and there are even some casinos who have opened up specialising in using this as a payment method. We wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years time that we will all be using this as ‘currency’. It’s also a bit of a gamble when dealing with cryptocurrency given the daily fluctuations in the value of the ‘coin’.


6. A revolut revolution?

Currently there are over one million revolut users in the UK and the number is fast growing daily. Saying this revolut cannot be used for online gambling purposes. Could this change in the future, we think so!


7. Make sure your KYC is up to date

When withdrawing money from an online Casino you will most probably be asked to provide documents to prove your identity and address. Make sure that you do have a scanned copy of your passport / drivers license / identity card and a recent utility bill that matches your home address (last 3 months) as you will be likely asked to provide this information for security purposes.