Can I gamble with Revolut?

The one question that is currently asked more than anything in the online gaming and casino world is “Can I use Revolut to fund my online account?”

revolut card

What is Revolut?

Revolut doesn’t usually need a big introduction, it is currently the fastest growing payment method with many predicting that it will replace banks in a few years time. With more than two million users in the UK and the ability to switch currencies within seconds with minimal to no fees attached, it is a payment method which will continue to thrive. Revolut acts as a pre paid VISA or Mastercard that is used for online purchases, purchasing cryptocurrency and blockchain, transferring funds and currency conversion and the amount of fees saved through this method is closing in on the ¬£1 Billion mark.


Can I use Revolut for my Casino account?

As it stands Revolut cannot be used for online gambling or online dating as they deem these industries to be of higher risk and clearly explained in 19.11 in the Revolut Terms under the heading ‘Restrictions on the use of Revolut Services’.


What is the future of Revolut and Gambling?

Melacasino are keeping a close eye on this! The online gambling industry laws continue to get tighter with anti money-laundering (AML) given the highest priority. This is excellent for the industry and we believe that a continued focus here would perhaps allow Revolut to open their doors to the online gambling industry in the future. Given that no credit is allowed on a Revolut card and with KYC at it’s strongest it ever has been we believe that the way forward would be for Revolut to allow customers to be able to use their cards for the purpose of online gambling.

In the meantime we would recommend Skrill as a solid e-wallet to use for online gambling purposes.