Bonus Money Conversion Strategy 

Disclaimer: before reading this article/strategy please understand that we would never recommend people to play outside their means. The strategy used here is to give you the best opportunity to turn bonus money into withdrawable money and the strategy is NOT in any way advised to use with your ‘real’ money balance.

We would generally recommend taking a welcome offer and or bonus money and trying to convert it to withdrawable money as we see it as a challenge. The only time we would avoid taking bonus money is if you were to have a high balance in your account and taking the extra bonus money would lead you to having to wager before being able to withdraw.

Speaking to a number of online casino managers the average bonus money cost to the casino is approximately 20%. Therefore if you were to receive  £/€100 of bonus money, on average you would be able to convert that into £/€20.

So, what is our recommendation for using bonus money? 

1 Find out what the maximum spin allowed is with your bonus money. Ideally at the start you would want to have a boom or bust attitude with this ‘free gift’. The last thing you would want to do is try and grind it down by playing minimum spins as it would take far too to convert it.

2 Find a highly volatile slot. Most casinos do not advertise the volatility of their games but some do. Some of the most volatile games are as follows:

3 Spin the maximum allowed with the bonus money on one of these volatile slots. Remember, the law of averages here means that you’re more than likely to lose your money however if you do hit a good win – its probably going to be better than a low volatility slot.

4a If you did hit a big win or two. Now it’s time to grind out the wagering requirements that were attached to your bonus money. Find a low volatility slot like: starburst and play low spins (Or at a level that you are comfortable with). This will mean you will win more frequently however small amounts making it much more likely that you will be able to cover the wagering requirements to convert your bonus money into withdrawable money.

4b If you lost your deposit + bonus. Sorry to hear that, you tried – and you gave yourself the best chance to convert. You can now try and redeposit to see if there are any second deposit bonuses or try another casino or have a rest. Please, please always gamble responsibly with money that you can afford to lose.


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