Welcome to melacasino. Mela, we are the most ‘mela’ site for ‘mela’ people who ‘mela’ love anything ‘mela’ to do with ‘mela’ gambling in the ‘mela’ world. How mela is that?

As well as bringing you mela, we are here to give you casino reviews, get you casino bonuses and Free Spins, help you get the most out of your online gambling game strategy and find out which online casinos rate the best. Mela you don’t believe us? then read on…


Mela, who is behind melacasino?

Mela, we are a bunch of people who love online casinos and have years of experience in playing online games. Slots, table games, mela we’ve tried them all – and we know how they work and how to get the best out of them. What’s more we really enjoy playing them and get a buzz out of playing them. We know our limits, we do this for fun and entertainment and we always advise people who gamble to do so responsibly and within their limits. Set yourself a budget that you can afford to lose and have a go, you could be the next jackpot winner – and if you’re not, you’ll still get a lot of fun from the games we suggest you try out.


Ok mela, but I don’t trust online casinos because they are fixed!

We hear this quite a lot but in all honesty it couldn’t be further from the truth. Any online casino that we would ever recommend would be licensed, audited and completely reputable. Online casino games from providers that we suggest are of the highest quality are completely trustworthy and are played all over the world. Worthy of a melacasino sign of approval!


Mela, how do online casino games work?

Online casino games work by having RNG’s (Random Number Generators) behind their games. These RNG’s are set to a payout percentage which can be anywhere from 90 – 99% and are typically around the 95% mark. What that means is over time, of all the money taken on a game, approximately 95% of that money will go back to customers as payouts.


Mela, hang on, that means if I deposit €100 I can expect €95 back?

Unlikely, remember when you play online there are people all over the world playing your game. Some will win, some will lose however over the course of time, approximately 95% will be paid back to players on that game. For one person who wins a jackpot, there will be other people who have lost money to contribute to that jackpot payout.


Mela, when I’m playing I’m feeding someone’s jackpot win?

Well, theoretically it could be you winning that jackpot too! Saying that, there are so many games that you can play and each game has a different volatility level. Games with a high volatility level mean that you will win less frequently but when you do win payouts will be higher (such as Book of Dead or Victorious) whereas games with a lower volatility level will payout more often but the winnings are likely to be smaller (Starburst is a classic example of that).


Mela, that’s cool – so where do I find out the volatility level of a game?

Most casinos will provide you with the payout percentage of the games that they offer but they are not obliged to show you the volatility of the games you play. That’s where melacasino can help – in this site we will guide you to which games are more volatile or less volatile and show you which games have the highest payout percentages.


Mela, but I don’t want my bank to know that I play online.

Fair enough – more and more people playing online are using e-wallets nowadays. We recommend opening an account with skrill or neteller for online gaming transactions. Using an e-wallet keeps your transactions completely safe and secure and also gives you peace of mind that no bank will know where your transactions are going.


Mela, but I wan’t to be in control of how much money I spend online.

And the honest truth is that we want exactly the same for you too. Anyone can become a problem gambler not just people with addictive tendencies. The first thing we recommend you to do when opening an account with an online casino is to set your limits. You can do this easily in your gaming account. Set yourself a weekly or monthly limit that you can comfortably afford to lose and then off you go – grab your bonus!


Mela, but I can change those limits if I want?

Yes you can, however if you want to increase your limits you would need to wait for a week’s cooling off period before you are allowed to increase them. If you want to decrease your limits it would be done instantly.


Mela, this all sounds very responsible?

Yes, it really is. The online gambling industry is constantly putting more and more focus on responsible gaming and making sure that vulnerable people are protected from developing bad gambling habits. Some other features that online gambling sites have are: visible clocks (so you know how long you have been playing for), time limits (you can set how long you want to be able to log into the site per day) and by law, there are links to responsible gaming help  sites on the front page of the website and we have one here should you ever need help.


Mela, who should I choose who to open a casino account with?

There are loads of online casinos out there and melacasino is here to help you choose which casinos are worth investing some time and money into playing with. Some of the most important factors that we believe you should look at the following:

  • Welcome Offer
  • Free Spins
  • Deposit and Withdrawal options
  • Games offered
  • Customer Support

When we review each site, there will be an assessment of all these areas and more and a recommendation as to whether we think you should open an account or not.

Take your time to read view the reviews, casino bonuses, the slot, roulette and blackjack strategy pages and welcome to the world of melacasino.